The qualities needed to become an extreme couponer

The term may sound amusing and is often misunderstood to be synonymous to coupon maniacism. The term has been borrowed by the English language from a popular television series that was aired in America in the early millennium. The format of the show had participants challenging each other and buying foodstuff from the supermarket stores at incredibly low prices using the coupons that they had gathered from various sources. The participants were allowed to simultaneously choose the destination of their shopping and also allowed to use their coupons in conjunction with their ongoing sale or any other promotional offers.

The show was adrenaline pumping and the winner almost always took away stuff worth thousands of dollars paying only a few pennies or at most times funnily not paying anything at all at the cashier’s till and in return also getting rebates for future purchases!

Of course, that was only a show. In real life, the situation cannot be emulated and in the least cannot be repeated as well. But, a prudent couponer is somebody who has the noblest intention of saving her hard earned money and also getting the stuff off the supermarket shelves at a very low price.

Extreme couponing is not compulsive in nature:

The popular myth is that people who cut coupons from various sources or look out for coupons across supermarket catalogues or even browse the web for good offers across stores eventually get afflicted with a compulsive disorder of hunting down offers and cutting coupons even when the stuff is not relevant to them or that there is no real need for it at all. Well, my friends, nothing can be farther from truth than this. Before we set on to enumerate the qualities that a good couponer should possess, it is of vital importance that we define who an extreme couponer is.

Extreme couponing is not at all one who compulsively hunts down coupons from known and unknown sources and then goes on a splurge trip to the supermarket. On the contrary, the term encompasses a lot of hours spent intelligently and systematically collecting the coupons and then using them effectively to buy the necessaries at only a fraction of their original price.
Exceptions never make a rule:

Okay, granted. May be the first few times that you start to coupon, you may get carried away spending longer than usual number of hours hunting down offers and going through the shopping list and then taking unusually long hours to organize the discovered coupons and then also narrowly missing some of the greatest offers because the shopping was not planned for that day. Let me assure you, my friend, with time and training, things are bound to and will definitely improve and you are sure to become a pro at not only at collecting the coupons but also with time, you will also be able to instinctively hunt down the best offers and additionally bag super duper freebies.

A successful couponer sports the right attitude:

To start with, the couponer needs to have the right attitude towards the art of couponing. There is no need to feel ashamed of using coupons however small the denomination is. Infact, you must be proud of the fact that you are an intelligent shopper and that you believe in making savings in your everyday work and that includes shopping for your groceries too!

Couponing is hard work, that’s a virtue:

Once initiated into couponing, you will have some of the happiest moments to find coupons that will give you some bucks off from your favorite brand, but the initial excitement will die down soon, and you will realize that cutting coupons is indeed hard work. Some of the likely places where you will find coupons are

Newspapers and magazines;

Departmental store discount booklets;

Manufacturer’s coupons that come when you purchase their goods;

Coupons over the packaging and from within the packages;

Online coupon cutting from the internet and then printing them at home.

To save money you need to spend a little at first:

Cutting coupons from magazines and newspapers means that they have to be bought and then buying multiple copies in case the coupon is worthwhile. Also, when you print coupons directly from the World Wide Web, the data and the Wi Fi charges and most importantly the ink charges of the printer has to be taken into consideration. Some coupons that are found on the products packaging may warrant that the product be bought first to redeem the coupon on it. There you go again!

A good couponer has great analytical skills:

To be able to make substantial saving from the coupons means that you are good at your mathematics. If two small packets of the product entail more savings than the economy pack itself by virtue of using more coupons then it is always best to buy the smaller packaging than the bigger one in order to make good savings on



A great couponer is a patient soul. Right from the time of sourcing the coupons from various sources and then cutting them and collecting them and then organizing them requires tons of patience. This virtue if not present should be inculcated in order to avoid nail biting and embarrassing moments during check out. Its best to stay composed at the cashier’s till and try to use as many coupons coupled with the ongoing sale and promotions.

Great organizing skills:

Coupon can get out of hand if the coupons are not organized properly. If the coupons have stayed too long without being used then they may have barred expiry. If that happens, all the hard work can go to the drains. Therefore, you should see that you evolve a great system that works for you to organize the coupons. For example, in order of priority or cluster them into their use and denomination value. This can save not only hours of time spent collecting them but also save your time at the cashier’s.

Good manner, courtesy and rules abiding has no alternatives:

A great couponer is all this and more. The super successful saver is always courteous with the cashier and informs him before hand that she will be using her coupons. The couponer also warns people behind her that she may take longer at the cashiers in case they want to join some other till queue.


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